E.K.Yap, the MPA & MPAS multi award-winning photographer, has created many iconic masterpieces and photographed covers & campaigns for influential publications & luxury brands. His projects include Patek Philippe, Louis Vuitton, Chopard, Bvlgari, Cartier, Chanel, Franck Muller and many more global high-end clients.
With his extensive experience as a Creative Director in the Advertising & Publishing industry for more than a decade, he is able to uniquely craft the art visual with the brand message at heart, specialising in luxury projects particularly jewellery, timepiece, interior, portrait & fashion.
- Master Photography Awards (MPA) UK

- Master Photographers Association (MPA) Far East

- Master Photographers Association (MPA) Far East

- Master Photographers Association (MPA) Far East

- Master Photographers Association (MPA) Far East

- Master Photographers Association (MPA) Far East

- Media Publishers Association of Singapore (MPAS)
A. Lange & Söhne /Audemars Piguet / Atlas Bar / Azimuth / Aston Martin / ABN Ambro / Arium Collection / Arcatel / Anlene / Aqua Culture / Adidas / Aries Gold / Bvlgari / Breguet / Bottega Veneta / Boucheron / Blancpain / Breitling / Baker Furniture / BBDO / Borobudur / Bonhams / Berggren Jewels / Cartier / Chanel / Chopard / CitiGold / Chloé / Carat Club / CapitaLand / CLIO / CEL Development / Coty / Confetti by Mui / Canon / Chalked / Cynosure Design / Dolce & Gabbana / Distillery / D Editors / Dell / Franck Muller / Flower Diamonds / Fujitsu / Fuchsia Lane / Farm Best / Farmers Union / Ferrari / Girard-Perregaux / Genting / Green Chapter / Gucci / Geyer / GSK / Harry Winston / Hassell Studio / Hilton Hotel / Heeton / Hard Rock Hotel / Hublot / HDB / Hermès / I.D.Department / IWC / Image Bank / ICI Duluxe / Jobstreet / Jaeger-LeCoultre / Johnny Walker / Kwanpen / Krieit Associate / KrisShop / KFC / K-Suites / Louis Moinet / Levi’s / Lalique / Luminox / Lloyd’s Asia / Ladurée / Louis Vuitton / Leonard Drake / Livita / Manolo Blahnik / Montblanc / Mediacorp / MCL Land / Mirinda / Marc Anthony / Maxis Mobile/ Novotel Hotel / NTU / National Geographic / Omega / Patek Philippe / Paul&Shark / Piaget / Philips / Playboy / Prada / Pepsi / Pure Earth / Richard Mille / Rolex / Roger Dubuis / Regent Hotel / Resorts World Sentosa / Richemont / Reebonz / SkysShop / Singland / Splendor / Sarcar / Sinn / Shangri-La Hotel / SIA / Shelton Hotel / Sally Hansen / Shiseido / South Beach Residences / StarAsia / Skin79 / Sally Hansen / Sports Toto / Spritzer / 2nd Edition / 7-Up / The Mill / Tag Heuer / Tiffany / The Hour Glass / Tudor / The Great Room / The Work Project / The Working Project / The Covette Clinic / TV3 / Universal Studio / Ulysse Nardin / UOI / UOB / Vihari Jewels / Vacheron Constantin / Van Cleef & Arpels / Wild Rice / Zenith
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"E.K.Yap is not only an accomplished photographer but he also has the extraordinary ability of reading minds. He is able to articulate, in images, what the client wants and wishes for. He is skilled in understanding a brief, interpreting it and then execute shots so as to best answer it.
He is a skilled interiors photographer and his knowledge and experience in design and art direction is evident in his work. E.K. is the ideal creative consultant and collaborator, listening and respecting client input and the processing this information through his photos. 
I very much enjoyed working with E.K. He is patient, detailed and will always work towards attaining the perfect shot. E.K. is always in control of what he is doing but is open to co-creating an image which makes him a great collaborator. He is professional, serious about his work and focused on surpassing client expectations. It’s been a pleasure working with E.K. and I look forward to collaborating with him again in the future."
Hassell Studio - Paul Semple, Principle
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"I’ve been working with E.K.Yap for the past 7 years and have always been impressed by his photography skills and professionalism. E.K. is an extremely talented photographer who is able to capture the beauty of an object in a way that seems almost effortless. He sets a very high standard for himself, and this translates into the excellent work that he executes for his numerous clients. I’ve shot mainly products pages, including watches and jewellery, with E.K. over the years and have always been impressed with his exacting methods for capturing the best image, the fact is he is a perfectionist and will not rest until he has achieved the best image that he can capture.
From conceptualizing a shoot to the final touch-ups, communicating with E.K. is a breeze, he understands the importance of deadlines and tight media and commercial turnarounds but never compromises on his quality or the final touch-ups. This is one of many aspects of E.K.’s professionalism that I have truly come to respect over the years. In addition, he is open and communicative when it comes to discussing and developing ideas for a shoot, and offers his advice gleaned from his vast experience to aid or improve the project at hand. E.K. is also extremely helpful on shoot, ensuring that his clients and the people he works with are well taken care of, often setting the tone for the commencement of the shoot with soothing music, which he plays in his studio to put everyone in a relaxed mood.
Be it an indoor shoot at his apartment, which doubles up as his studio, or an outdoor shoot, E.K. has always been friendly, courteous and patient. He also has a very good relationship with many of the watch brands, having shot with them (and sometimes for them) so often. He is well respected in the industry and I count it a privilege to be able to work with him."
Esquire - Janie Cai, Managing Editor
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"With a lot of related experience, E.K.Yap grasps the concepts of our projects very quickly. He only requires a simple brief detailing the location, theme, angle of the project and pictures of the personality and location. He will come with his own concept and propose ideas he feels will best suit our projects. He is quick to catch onto what his clients are looking for. He can work with very little information and always gives his input to achieve the desired outcome.
He is very good with Fashion, Portraits and Watches. He knows how to make the best of the situation and available materials to bring out the features of the watches. He can play around with little to no props and yet make the best out of it. He possesses good people skills that make him a joy to work with. Personalities ease into the photo shoot very quickly and feel comfortable working with him/ under his direction. He has a distinct style in his photography yet every image speaks a different story and is tailored to the subject. 
He is quick and does not need much guidance on the shoot. He is well prepared prior to photo shoots so it contributes to his efficiency on the shoot. He knows what is missing/ not working and will quickly think of solutions to solve the problem. E.K. values everyone’s opinion - he constantly asks for input and works to produce the final composition and/ or image together. He always puts our interests first and weaves in his own standards of what a professional, high quality image is while accommodating to our tight datelines.
E.K. is a very jovial person. He knows how to lighten the mood and crack jokes or start a conversation. He eases the awkwardness with personalities by speaking to them, understanding their business, learning more about them to help them relax so he can get the best shot. He listens to our opinions and will think of ways to improve the shot (when we request), else he will justify why certain pictures are shot that way. He is knowledgeable, possesses the right skills, is always equipped and always strives to achieve the best shot."
Reebonz - Global Marketing Team
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"I have known E.K.Yap since his working days as a Creative Director in an advertising agency, handling both government as well as corporate projects. With his good knowledge in advertising, he has led the company to another level of success. E.K. is very approachable and a good mentor for the team. Embodying strong visions and great leadership skills, E.K. is always well prepared across all projects and takes every single detail into consideration.
For many years, we have engaged E.K. to handle our advertising campaigns from conceptualization to execution, including creative concept, art direction, and photography. We are always impressed with the great work he has produced for our international multi-label beauty products and fragrances. E.K. is a good beauty & fashion photographer. In our photoshoot, he showcases our products well and manages to capture the beautiful facial expressions of our models at the same time. E.K. always does his own marketing research and consults us with his understandings on our direction. Through his images, he demonstrates his precision in lighting and angles as well as delivering across the message that we want to achieve.
In this fast moving industry, it is always important to have his ability to deliver fast and good results to meet our advertising needs."
Coty - Lorraine Zhang, Marketing Director (Regional)
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"Working with E.K.Yap was an absolute pleasure in the shooting of Atlas Bar. E.K. skilfully shot our very challenging space by doing justice to both the sheer volume and the extremely intricate detailing. While always accommodating to our needs and direction, E.K. and his team also lent their professional opinions and expertise to achieve the best shots. Their dedication to producing beautiful images is commendable and I would not hesitate to recommend him more highly for anyone’s future projects."
Atlas Bar / Chyau Fwu Development - Vicky Hwang, Managing Director
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"I have been working with Yap for more than a decade.
The synergy and trust we have built over time has been wonderful in executing our photography needs for all our projects as he understands the various components in creating the best end product extremely well.
The best part of his work to me will be how he creates the perfect lighting and imaging touch up to each and every image; with a consistent high level of unwavering professionalism over the years.
It has been great working with him as he is independent and reliable to turn up for a shoot once scheduled. 
Never missed a deadline too!"
Chalked Pte Ltd - Sandy Tan, Founder
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"Having worked with E.K.Yap for the last five years, first with and Baccarat where I am Group Managing Editor, and later with W.O.W (World of Watches) where I am the Associate Publisher, I have found him to be an exceptional photographer. While he is able to take direction very well, he also brings his own ideas to the table. For example, while executing a complex shoot with expensive complicated watches and automobile engine parts, E.K. suggested using parts from a motorcycle engine because the logistics would work better and the look of the parts was no different to car engine parts. He was also able to shoot every watch within a setup alongside the engine parts, resulting in a wonderful spread while keeping the watches themselves totally unharmed. As his portfolio no doubt demonstrates, E.K. is also highly versatile, and I have used that versatility to good effect in shoots both indoors and out, with and without models, on a variety of subjects (from watches to cars and fashion) and in challenging environments. Needless to say, I have been pleased with the results of every shoot we have worked on together."
Luxury Insider - Ashok Soman, Group Managing Editor/ General Manager SEA
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"We are lucky to be able to work with E.K. Yap for our projects. He is a very easy person to work with. Understanding our company and what we are looking for, he excels in what he is best at – capturing beautiful moments and angles of our projects. We love his professionalism, giving us honest advice on what is best to capture the space. He does not enforce but rather discuss with us on the possible solutions when we encounter a challenge.
The entire session was very enjoyable and not pressuring.
The amount of time for him to prepare and send us the images was within a very reasonable time frame but yet the amount of effort he spent into making the images look good was tremendous. The images turn out to be gorgeous and we love it. This shows E.K.Yap understands our brand well and the direction we are heading towards. Love the clarity, the lighting ambience and the colours he had captured in the images. It truly shows his talent and passion in his work. We are truly honored to have him working on our projects. Thank you E.K.Yap."
Prestige Global Designs - Michael Ong, MD/ Founder & Jeremy Tay, Director
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"I have done two photo shoots with E.K.Yap, not as client but as an interview subject for media. E.K. is a true professional, he is very efficient and has a great eye for detail. He also demonstrates a clear understanding of his clients’ requirements and is able to project them in his photography.
Both my photo shoots were done in very quick time but the quality of his work is among the best of many photo shoots I have appeared in. E.K. is also one of the best photographers for interior spaces."
Savills - Sulian Tan-Widjaya, Senior Director, Retail & Lifestyle
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"Do you have the difficuties to find the great photographers who actually make you satisfied with their work? Do you consider yourself as a perfectionist? 
E.K.Yap can convert that exhaust and frustration into satisfaction. 
I have been working in Fashion industry nearly two decades and he is the most professional and perfectionist photographer that I have ever worked with. Being a creative director requires to have the higher standards and peculiar way to see things than others. I don’t have to be so picky and meticulous when I work with E.K. because he thinks about what is the best for the client without missing out all details.
I respect him so much professionally but also adore him as a friend, funny and warm-hearted person. I won’t hesitate even one second to recommend him to anyone."
Arium Collection - Julie Kim, Creative Director/ Founder
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"Our Company, H2 HUB, engaged E.K.Yap as the photographer for our annual product catalog production. We have worked with more than 5 photographers before, and we are blessed to meet E.K. as his quality of work is up to our expectations. He is also a well-known figure in the media and photography industry. Apart from being just a photographer, he has the ability to lead the project with his creative and art direction depending on the client’s objectives. We are always surprised on his new creativity which he can almost make use of anything that can be easily found in the room. He also selflessness gave personal opinion and always strives to provide the best work for his client. When we gave him the project with our watches, he was able to work seamlessly with our designers during the shoot to style up the watches. He helped in the directing of the entire shoot and showed leadership capabilities in ensuring our annual production were perfected in each detail.
Moreover, after the shoot, his quality of editing exceeded our expectations. It was not just perfected edited but it was art. He was able to art direct each picture even after the picture was taken using photo shop skills. Each picture was done up with 1 focal point in each picture, drawing the attention of anyone looking at the picture. For example, for our watch with lamb skill strap, he changed the brightness of the strap at every angle so that at each angle in the photo, the strap seems to possess a different color hue, giving it richness and class. He will know exactly the kind of emotions he wishes to communicate on his photographs and will edit the photo in a way it definitely reflects. 
After the shoot, we needed to rush the pictures for our annual catalog production and told E.K. if he could help us to meet the deadline. He did his best to deliver the pictures not only on time but with high quality. Overall, it was a very good experience to work with him. I hope we can continue our partnership and wish him the best in his future endeavors."
H2 HUB - Woo Enyi, Marketing Director
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