We Create. We Capture. We Craft.
Every project is unique. Together, we explore the vision that is full of possibilities. We create a vision with meaning, an image with a voice.
Highly sought after by international luxury brands, we provide skilled techniques driven by extensive experiences to craft the masterpiece. We ambition to capture the best angle, composition and lighting through the lens and further enhance it with the art of digital imaging.

Vision Beyond Capturing The Moments.
Every precision, attention to details & complexity required of every single image can be crafted based on the client’s preferences.
S$1,950 - 1 image, 1 hour
S$3,250 - 3 images, 2 hours
S$4,850 - 5 images, 4 hours
S$8,550 - 10 images, 8 hours
Photography: S$300/hour 
Camera & Equipment: S$1,000/day
On-Site: S$150/trip/location (Singapore)​​​​​​​
Selected Image (Standard Di): S$500/image
Refine digital imaging
/ photoshop adjustment on exposure, white balance, brightness, distortion, sharpness & clean up. Fine-tuning on tonality, colour, tint, saturation, vignetting, contrast. Improve & enhance overall image.

S$1,250 - 1 image, 1 hour
S$1,950 - 3 images, 2 hours
S$2,950 - 5 images, 4 hours
S$5,150 - 10 images, 8 hours
Photography: S$300/hour
Camera & Equipment: S$600/day
On-Site: S$150/trip/location (Singapore)
Selected Image (Basic Di): S$200/image
General digital imaging/ photoshop adjustment on exposure, white balance, brightness, distortion, sharpness & clean up.
*Rates are for refference only. Please send the project details for final quotation. Terms & Conditions apply. 
Thank you!
“I am always very happy & honoured to have worked with passionate clients, because we share the same vision & value. We want the best & work for the best."