Every inspiring image requires intuition & skilled technique to capture the moment. The art of digital imaging is an essential editing process to further enchance the beauty of each subject. The precision attention to details & complexity required of every single image can be crafted based on the client’s preferences.  
STANDARD > S$1,850/project
Photography: S$300/hour
Camera & Equipment: S$900/day
On-Site: S$150/trip/location (Singapore)​​​​​​​
Selected Image (Standard Di): S$500/image
Refine digital imaging
/ photoshop adjustment on exposure, white balance, brightness, distortion, sharpness & clean up. Fine-tuning on tonality, colour, tint, saturation, vignetting, contrast. Improve & enhance overall image.

BASIC > S$1,250/project
Photography: S$300/hour
Camera & Equipment: S$600/day
On-Site: S$150/trip/location (Singapore)
Selected Image (Basic Di): S$200/image
General digital imaging/ photoshop adjustment on exposure, white balance, brightness, distortion, sharpness & clean up.
*Rates are for refference only. Please send the project details for final quotation. Terms & Conditions apply. 
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