Vision Beyond Capturing the Moments.
All masterpieces are crafted with the client's vision. More than just capturing the best angle, composition & lighting, we further enhance our image through the art of digital imaging. This exquisite editing allows us to bring focus to an image, highlighting the key subjects. Every single detail is manually crafted to showcase the full potential of the image.
Create with Meaning. Capture with Heart. Craft with Soul.
Every project is unique. Together, we create a vision that is full of possibilities. The precision, attention to detail & complexity required of every single image can be crafted based on the client’s preferences. It's your choice to set the value & quality.
Photography: The Beauty of Simplicity
$1,150 -   1 (image) 1 (hour)
$2,150 -   5 (image) 2 (hour)
$3,150 -   8 (image) 4 (hour)
$4,750 - 12 (image) 8 (hour)
Selected Image (General Digital imaging): $200/image
+Editing on Exposure, White balance, Contrast, Sharpness, Distortion & Clean up.
Photography: $200/hour
On-Site: $150/trip/location
Camera & Equipment: $600/day

Photography: The Art of Craftsmanship
$1,930 -   1 (image) 1 (hour)
$3,850 -   5 (image) 3 (hour)
$5,590 -   8 (image) 6 (hour)
$6,750 - 10 (image) 8 (hour)
Selected Image (Refined Digital imaging): $380/image
+Editing on Exposure, White balance, Contrast, Sharpness, Distortion & Clean up.
+Fine-tuning on Tonality, Colour, Saturation & Vignette.
+Reduce Reflection & Imperfection.
+Improve Detail & Enhance Key Feature. Bring Focus to the Image.
Photography: $200/hour
On-Site: $150/trip/location
Camera & Equipment: $1,200/day

Creative Consultation:
Branding/ Art Direction/ Styling: $200/hour
On-Site: $150/trip/location

Photography Mentorship:
1-on-1 Mentor Session - $500 (2 sessions x 2 hours)
Whether you are a hobbyist or professional, this customisable session can include shoot out, assignment reviews, image critiques or technical advice based on individual needs. Photography can be far more than just capturing beautiful image. Be inspired and build your own vision. The choice is yours when you know your abilities.

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